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perpetuallylocked said: "You are the Lizzie Applegate to my Frances Humber!"

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Aw, that makes me a bit sad, but it’s not surprising. 

Aw, that makes me a bit sad, but it’s not surprising. 

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Something to be aware of. 

Something to be aware of. 

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You are the _____ to my _____. 

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[gets up in your face] [whispers fiercely] grigor karakinos

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make me choose:

         anon asked male or female villains?

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my next gifset will contain outright spoilers for the culprits of these games: The Captive Curse, Stay Tuned for Danger, Ransom of the Seven Ships, Danger on Deception Island, Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake, and Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon. Please if you haven’t finished these games and don’t wish to be spoiled, blacklist them. 

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drivingnancycrazy replied to your post: yooddandodd replied to your post: hone…

If Nordic people are white then - what would be the problem? It would be accurate if true.

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There really isn’t that many games with all white casts. 10 at most? Which is about 66% mixed

ok. here is how I feel about this. it’s really long—you’ve been warned.

Two of my biggest passions are human rights and the film industry/media. I am acutely aware of the lack of diverse representation in the media. I’m mostly talking about films, but these numbers trickle down into video games and books and television as well.

Women, for one, are incredibly underrepresented in the media. This is something that Her excels at—creating dynamic female roles that are not foils to men. I’m fairly certain that overall they have featured more female characters than male. This is a really good thing when thinking about the overarching numbers—there is already such a huge disparity against women in films and video games that Her kind of needs to put an emphasis on women in order to make a dent in balancing out the equation. I think they have succeeded in this. It’s one of the biggest reasons I love these games.

The same issue is true with pretty much every minority group you can think of. This is the reason I’ve rallied to get some LGBTQ representation in the games. I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about the possibility of a disabled character appearing. I’ve also discussed the presence of mental health problems in the games. All this stuff is just important to me. I study sociology at university so I’m constantly looking at ways that people are oppressed and thinking about possible solutions. I feel as though representation is definitely a major step in the right direction—the media is one of the most powerful and influential forces on earth and it’s kind of damaging that it focuses so heavily on one perspective.

Soo yes. Racial diversity in the games is important to me. The images and ideas shown to the vast majority are so overpoweringly white… I just think it’s pretty messed up. And in order to counteract this, you can’t just go bare minimum and call it a day. That’s where mainstream media is at right now and it’s not cutting it. I just want to see more conscious thought going into character design. So this where I’m coming from.

To address your specific points…

All-white casts (or at least white passing because some of the characters in the games have been debated:) STFD, TRT, CLK, VEN, HAU, CAP, ASH, GTH, SPY, LIE. and then I’m really in the middle with DDI because when I was growing up, I assumed Jenna was white for some reason (no I know the reason, it’s everything I’ve been talking about so far) but then she was brought into question as a PoC and I really can’t see her as white anymore. OKAY. So that’s ten games with ZERO racial diversity in them. And then on top of that, 13 of the remaining games (SCK, MHM, FIN, SSH, DOG, DDI, SHA, CUR, TRN, DAN, ICE, TOT, DED, ) have just ONE single person of color. This is just so unacceptable to me? These are not good numbers, especially when, again, taking into account the context of current representation. I don’t see all-white casts as acceptable because the media is already so white-washed. There just isn’t really a need for more. Stay Tuned for Danger takes place in one of the most diverse places in the world but they didn’t have any diversity at all. They even had a game in Africa and HALF OF THE CHARACTERS WERE WHITE. It also really concerns me that out of the ten all-white games, literally half of them were within the most recent eight games (TMB is in that range as well.) It’s becoming a trend and that is so discouraging. We should be moving away from that, not toward it. I consider Her Interactive to be a feminist company. But feminism isn’t complete without intersectionality. It’s just not.

I’m not like opposed to a nordic game. In fact, I love the idea. I’m actually kind of obsessed with Iceland, no joke. But when I look at these numbers I just get really bummed out and it’s just? ehgh. Now, I don’t think, is the time. Maybe SEA won’t even be in Iceland. Maybe it won’t be an all-white cast. I really hope that it’s not. (Like I said, if they can make a game in a place that is populated by people of color and still make half the cast white, then they can absolutely make a game in Iceland where people are mostly white and still have a cast that is at least half PoC.) I don’t know. I’m just saying that the teaser raised a red flag for me because of all the reasons I listed above, and I don’t think these feelings are unwarranted.

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Nancy Drew Board Game 


$1700 away from her goal and 5 days to go, so if you were considering donating, please do! :)

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nancy drew? love her. i just love the way she *clenches fist* draws all those frickin nancies